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For queries related to the conference, please fill in the form below. But before doing so, please read the information below because most of your inquiries might be addressed there!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • FAQ-1:  When is the deadline for delegates to register?

You can present your proposal in person or online.  Registration fees are the same for in-person and online participation. The deadline for presenters to register is June 21, 2023, and the deadline for other participants to register is August 01, 2023. You may join the conference as a presenter or listener.  Registration fees are the same for the presenter and listener.

  • FAQ-2: How can I get my discount code (Coupon code)?

Please get your discount code at

  • FAQ-3: I can’t access my account (with my username and password).

Please note that and are different platforms, and you must create different accounts.

  • FAQ-4: I can’t register for the conference (with a discounted rate).

First, you need to become an ESERA member at:

Second, get your discount code at:
Participants to the ESERA Conference 2023 can find their personalized conference discount code in the Members Area > Profile data. This code is needed during conference registration. Please note: the conference code will become available only to active ESERA members in 2023. If you become an ESERA member for the very first time, you should first register and, in a second step, purchase the appropriate ESERA Membership Plan. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER.

Finally, you need to create an account for the conference and register the conference with your code:

If you need further assistance, this video might help you out:

During the conference week, there will be shuttles from/to the conference hotels to/from the conference venue at an additional cost. We strongly suggest booking your hotel ASAP at:

  • FAQ-5: I was trying to register for the conference, but that was impossible, as “the coupon usage limit has been reached”

The code is for one-time use, and it has been used in your previous pending order. Please go to your Dashboard->Orders at:  and cancel/delete your previous orders. Afterward, the discount code will be automatically activated.

  • FAQ-6: I used my conference discount code (coupon code), but no discount was applied.

If you were not an ESERA member in 2022 you wouldn’t get a discount.

  • FAQ-7:  Is the coupon code needed to book conference hotels?

No. Discount is already applied to conference hotels. Rooms are running out! We strongly suggest booking your hotel ASAP at:

  • FAQ-8:  I’ve tried to pay with my credit card but could complete the payment. What would be a solution?

Please try to register by using a different browser or allow pop-ups because, during payment, an SMS notification might be asked. If you prefer to make a wire transfer, please contact us at:

  • FAQ-9: When will ESERA scholarships be announced?

Conference scholarship awardees are announced. Click here to access the AWARDEES LIST.

All waiver codes and the fellowship offer are valid until May 16, 2023! Codes can not be used after that!

  • FAQ-10: What is the cancellation policy?

There will be no refunds for cancellations after July 1, 2023; but in-person participation can be changed to virtual participation until July 15, 2023. Case-based decisions will be made for earlier cancellations, but a processing fee will be charged.

  • FAQ-11: What are the guidelines for presenters?

Guidelines for presenters (virtual or in-person presenters and poster format etc.) are available at:

For queries related to the Online Presentation Platform, please contact the Vedubox help desk at:
  • FAQ-12: Could you please change my presentation info on the ESERA 2023 Conference Program?
Unfortunately, we can’t make any changes to the ESERA 2023 Conference program from this moment on. Please don’t send any requests about that to our team.
  • FAQ-13: How can I commute from the airport or hotel to the conference venue? 
Visit our website in the Travel Info section.
  • FAQ-14: Is there any copy center where I can print out my poster? 
Yes, you may contact Yolbasi Copy Center and Stationery Shop at: 
  • FAQ-15: I can’t download my certificate of participation with the link I received.

We emailed the authors the certificate of participation, you can download it with the link we sent.

The Oxford Abstract team will work on the broken links and fix them soon. Please visit the link next week. If the problem continues please contact the Oxford Abstract at:

For queries related to the conference, please fill in the form below. But before doing so, please read the information above because most of your inquiries might be addressed there!